DR21 kits

We offer three installation kits. These are aimed at professional installers, or at homeowners who are confident of their DIY skills.

The kits contain items which you will need to install a DR21 air vent, but may not have readily available. They do not include the tools (e.g. drills and screwdrivers, mastic gun) you need to do the installation. They also don't include consumables such as screws or plasterboard fixings.

You can order any of the kits directly from our online store. Simply choose the kit type from the drop-down menu. There are pricing breaks when you order kits in sets of 4 or 10.

Kit contents will arrive packed together in a box or bag. This can be stored in your warehouse, ready to go whenever you have an installation which requires you to fit an air vent.

The kit types are:

Solid tubing kitSolid Tubing

The solid tubing kit contains a DR21 air vent, an interior vent cover and a piece of solid tubing to go through the wall. Use this kit when you intend to use a 4" core drill to drill a straight hole through a wall.


Flexi kitFlexi Tubing

The flexi tubing kit contains a DR21 air vent, an interior vent cover and a piece of flexi tubing. You could use it instead of the solid venting kit when you intend to install by drilling the vent hole from both sides, and having the holes meet in the middle. 

Interior cover only
Interior cover only

This kit consists of just a DR21 air vent, and an interior vent cover.


You can choose your kit type via a drop-down menu in the shopping cart.